Damn Yankees


  • Damn Yankees (1990) Warner Brothers Records.
  • Don't Tread (1992) Warner Brothers Records.
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    Damn Yankees is a rock band that first formed in the late 1980s. Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw had just finished work on his third solo album, while Night Ranger bassist Jack Blades had just left his old band. They teamed up with the 'Motor City Madman' Ted Nugent and drummer Michael Cartellone to form Damn Yankees. The band signed to Warner Brothers Records, and began work on their first album.

    The self-titled Damn Yankees album was relased in 1990. The melodic hard rock album featured the smash hit "High Enough", which helped push this album to platinum status quickly. Shaw did most of the vocal work, with Blades contributing on most tracks. Nugent did his own song, "Piledriver", as the last song on the album.

    Their second album, Don't Tread, came out in 1992. Like its predecessor, it featured a melodic hard rock sound, with hits like "Where You Goin' Now" and "Mister Please". The band toured extensively throughout 1992 in support of the album.

    After the "Don't Tread" tour, Ted Nugent worked on another solo album to complete his contract with Atlantic Records, while Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades teamed up under the name Shaw-Blades, and released one album in 1995. Shaw then returned to Styx, and Blades to Night Ranger.

    The band has been working in between other commitments on the third Damn Yankees album. It was to be released on Portrait Records in 2000, but was delayed due to Shaw's commitments to Styx and their tour. Portrait has since dropped Damn Yankees from their label. It is not known exactly when the third album will be released.