• Return To Zero (1991) Giant Records.
  • Lost (1998) MTM Records.
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    RTZ was another band led by former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau. After the disbandment of his previous band, Orion The Hunter, Goudreau stayed out of the music spotlight for several years. He put RTZ together in the early 1990s. The band consisted of Goudreau on lead guitar, Boston's original vocalist Brad Delp, Brian Maes on keyboards, David Stefanelli on drums, and Tim Archibald on bass.

    RTZ's first album, Return To Zero, was released in 1991 on Giant Records. The album had some good rock tracks, including "There's Another Side", but the only track that gained any attention was the ballad "Until Your Love Comes Back Around", which managed to crack the Top 30. Because Delp was on tour with RTZ, Tom Scholz of Boston selected Goudreau's former vocalist, Fran Cosmo, to sing on the fourth Boston album, "Walk On".

    RTZ started to work on a second album, but they were dropped by Giant Records due to lack of interest at the label and the 'alternative craze' which swept up the U.S. music industry in the 1990s. By 1994, RTZ had split up, with Delp returning to Boston, and the three non-Boston members joining Peter Wolf's band. In 1998, MTM Records in Germany released RTZ's second album, Lost. While it sounded much like RTZ's first album, it remained virtually unknown in the U.S.

    After the disbandment of RTZ, Goudreau went on to work with Lisa Guyer and her band in Massachusetts.